The only thing worse than discovering your environment has been compromised, is, once contained, not thoroughly analyzing the compromise. To ensure that the compromise has been completely remediated, it’s vital that responders identify the full scope, impact, and root cause.

Our security experts will work with your incident responders and IT staff to build a comprehensive plan to identify, restore and rebuild, and verify affected network infrastructure, applications, and systems. Our experts will also identify changes or additions that should be made to improve your security program and controls.

In a remediation and verification engagement our security experts will:

  • Work with incident responders and client IT staff
  • Identify and document all impacted networks, applications and systems
  • Build a plan for restoration, rebuild and validation
  • Perform a security architecture and design review



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Technical Consulting Service Categories

Incident Response and Forensics

NTT Security has immediate response capabilities.  If you are currently experiencing a security incident and need immediate assistance contact your nearest regional office.

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We give you access to relevant and timely performance improvement, deep technology knowledge, and flexible resources to develop an infrastructure that is robust and compliant – but flexible enough to deliver business change.

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Our planning, audit and testing services focus investment and resources, allowing our clients to evolve effective policies, procedures and security controls that reduce risk and meet changing internal and external compliance issues.

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Our Assessment Services are designed to determine the quality, completeness and maturity of your risk, security and compliance programs and controls.

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