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If you are weighing up the pros and cons of digital transformation, you need to consider how best to develop and thrive within this rapidly-evolving landscape and simultaneously ensure your online security. Attractive as the benefits are, the threats are becoming ever more complex, and require solutions of equal sophistication to counter them.

NTT’s Web Security Services (WSS), is just such a solution, combining Symantec’s Web Security Services with our real-time threat intelligence and analysis to provide enhanced managed threat detection and prevention capabilities. The service is available to clients across the world as part of our Global Managed Security Services, ensuring a high-quality offering is available to all.

WSS protects against malicious cyber threats in real time by integrating with threat detection and establishing a network of defensive capabilities. These include a secure web gateway (SWG), email security, anti-virus scanning and proxy logs for threat detection and advanced analytics. 

Real-time network monitoring frequently requires an investment of time and expertise that may not be available to your organization, a need felt all the more keenly as skilled security experts become harder to find.

Our wide suite of defensive options – including incident management and advanced security analysis – not to mention access to our world-class specialized security experts – allows you to concentrate on your business priorities, safe in the knowledge that your data and infrastructure are protected.

Benefits of NTT's Web Security Services

  • Cloud-delivered network security gives flexibility and boosts performance 
  • Removes the burden of real-time monitoring, security analysis and incident management so you can focus on your business
  • Integration with threat detection delivers real-time analysis and protection 
  • Protects your organization from cyber threats, even with a distributed workplace 
  • Enforces policies which protect use of the cloud and web, prevent data leaks and ensure access compliance

Supporting Materials

For more information about our Web Security Services, take a look at the WSS Data Sheet.

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