Vulnerability Management as a Service


Any business managing a complex IT security environment needs to know if there are weak points in the system’s armor. Frequent vulnerability scanning, followed by detailed reporting and remediation tasks, is essential to rooting out vulnerabilities.

Vulnerability Management as a Service (VMaaS) delivers the flexibility needed to create a scanning program specifically tailored to fit each organization’s requirements. Our vulnerability scanning can scale from small business to enterprise-level, correlating scan data against monitoring data for advanced on- and off-target correlation and SOC threat profiling.

With VMaaS, we can provide:

  • Managed or self-service scanning
  • Internal and external vulnerability scanning
  • Qualys-based VM tools and reports
  • Policy templates and customization
  • DHCP support

Supporting Materials

For more information about Vulnerability Management as a Service, take a look at our VMaaS Data Sheet.

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