Public Cloud Native Services

Are you unlocking the cloud’s full potential?

Cloud technologies are becoming the go-to option for a large number of IT security issues, from basic data storage issues and application development to complex network security concerns, and cloud service providers (CSPs) offer the means to explore these new solutions. But are they offering you full control?

Public Cloud Native (PCN), is specially designed for those who grasp that for a solution to be effective, it must be completely understood. PCN helps you dodge the hidden pitfalls of the cloud environment and find the untapped potential, by providing the mechanism for you to view and use the controls and tools your CSP has provided.

Features of NTT Public Cloud Native include:

  • Full visibility of cloud service controls implemented by CSP 
  • Monitor and detect security risks related to policy, best practices, and compliance 
  • Track native controls and management backplane 
  • Multi-cloud support covering a variety of CSPs 
  • No additional agents, appliances, or other cost outlay required

Supporting material

For more information about our Public Cloud Native services, take a look at our Public Cloud Native Data Sheet.

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