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Many organizations are stuck in a reactive mindset when it comes to information security and would opt to pay a hacker’s ransom rather than proactively invest in security. That’s a key finding in this year’s Risk:Value 2018 Report.

Examining business attitudes to risk and the value of information security, our annual report surveys senior executives from non-IT functions in 12 countries in Europe, the US and APAC.

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  • How many companies would pay a ransom rather than invest in security?
  • Who is still in the dark about GDPR? 
  • What is most concerning to organizations about a data breach? 
  • Is the cost of recovering from a data breach rising? 
  • Are organizations over-confident about their level of vulnerability? 
  • Who is responsible for security in most businesses? 
  • Where are the organizational weak links in security?

Download your copy of the Risk:Value 2018 Report today and see how your organization compares with the global survey responses.

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