2019 Global Threat Intelligence Report

Welcome to this year’s Global Threat Intelligence Report (GTIR).

NTT Security continuously gathers and analyzes log, alert, event and attack data from global organizations. The 2019 Global Threat Intelligence Report analyzes data from our global security operations centers: real data from our continuous threat monitoring.

This year’s report focuses on several security challenges we have observed in organizations over the past year. Our analysis shows an escalation in coin mining, web-based attacks and credential theft, along with changes in the industry sectors most targeted.

Notable threats, incidents and trends we observed during 2018, include:

  • Illicit coin mining was a significant activity in 2018. The technology and education sectors accounted for 86 percent of all coin mining attacks
  • Finance has been the most attacked industry in six of the past seven years, accounting for 17 percent of all attacks
  • 73 percent of all hostile activity falls into four categories: web attacks, reconnaissance, service-specific attacks, and brute force attacks
  • Application-specific and web-application attacks doubled from the previous year

With this year’s focus on the latest security challenges, we hope the report will help you evolve your business and security practices to mitigate the attacks your organization faces on a daily basis.

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