Managed Security Services

Managed Security leverages our investment in threat intelligence, advanced analytics, and security expertise to provide consistent, repeatable, and transparent services that identify and stop advanced threats, while providing insight and metrics into security posture and trends. 

Trained and certified engineers carry out efficient, best practice, and compliant change management processes for networking and security devices and controls.

Experienced SOC threat and incident analysts use the NTT Security purpose-built, proprietary Global Managed Security Service Platform to collect, analyze, identify, and respond to Security Incidents.

Using extensive threat intelligence, analysts optimize the allocation of scarce resources by focusing on threats and vulnerabilities actively being exploited.

Operate – Execute accurate, timely, transparent, and documented operational processes in response to change or based on a recurring schedule.

Manage – Prevent, predict, detect, and respond to new global techniques, tactics, and procedures, advanced targeted threats, and emerging vulnerabilities.

Optimize – Use global operations intelligence, client engagement, and security expertise to continually improve security processes, platform, and controls.  


Supporting Materials

For more information about our Managed Security Services, take a look at the MSS Solution Overview.