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Businesses across the world are facing an unprecedented level of information security risk in 2017 from data breaches to compliance challenges. The 2017 Risk:Value report highlights the concerns and attitudes to security across global organizations, from compliance and cyber insurance to incident response planning.

But there's one key research topic in this year’s report that should be on the list of every security professional across the globe right now, and that’s the new General Data Protection Regulation, or GDPR.

With a deadline of May 25, 2018 for compliance, it’s a regulation that will impact every organization in the world that collects or retains personal identifiable data from any European individual. If you’re located outside Europe and think the legislation won’t affect you, think again.

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  • Globally, only 40% of organizations, on average, believe that they will be affected by GDPR
  • Outside Europe, organizations are failing to see how the regulations will affect them, with only 25% of people in the US and 29% of people in Hong Kong understanding that GDPR will affect them
  • 33% of respondents don’t know where their data is physically stored
  • Of those that do know, only 45% are ‘definitely aware’ of how the new GDPR regulations will affect their data storage.

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