GTIC 2017 Q3 Threat Intelligence Report

The NTT Security Global Threat Intelligence Center (GTIC) 2017 Q3 Threat Intelligence Report provides a glimpse inside the research conducted by NTT Security researchers over the last three months – including analysis of events identified through global visibility of the NTT Security client base.

One section of the report of particular signficance entitled “The Face of the Insider Threat” reveals that approximately 25% of insider threats are hostile with the remaining 75% due to accidental or negligent activity. Insider threats can put an organization at risk without even knowing it. In fact, the GTIC indicates that 30% of all insider threats put an organization at risk without being aware of the vurlnerability.

Additional observations include analysis of attack types and sources as well as research regarding global threat visibility, targeted industries and top targeted vulnerabilities.

Key findings include:

  • The number of security events increased during Q3 ’17: up 24 percent from Q2 ‘17
  • Finance had the most detections for malicious activity in Q3 ’17 – 25%
  • The top targeted industries after finance were manufacturing (21%), business services (16%), healthcare (13%) and technology (12%)
  • Phishing campaigns and malware infections were both up more than 40% since Q2 ‘17

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