Penetration Testing

In an ideal world, business applications, IT, mobile and Wi-Fi infrastructures would all start and remain completely free of vulnerabilities. But, in the real world, Penetration Testing remains one of the most cost effective tools to detect, analyze and make informed decisions about how to fix vulnerabilities and misconfigurations. As a trusted partner, we use a variety of Penetration Testing approaches and techniques so that you can see your business as an attacker would, avoiding costly breaches and achieving compliance by discovering and evaluating risk.

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Technical Consulting Service Categories


Our Assessment Services are designed to determine the quality, completeness and maturity of your risk, security and compliance programs and controls.

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Our planning, audit and testing services focus investment and resources, allowing our clients to evolve effective policies, procedures and security controls that reduce risk and meet changing internal and external compliance issues.

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We give you access to relevant and timely performance improvement, deep technology knowledge, and flexible resources to develop an infrastructure that is robust and compliant – but flexible enough to deliver business change.

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Incident Response and Forensics

NTT Security has immediate response capabilities.  If you are currently experiencing a security incident and need immediate assistance contact your nearest regional office.

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