As the threat landscape evolves, every organization needs to constantly review, evaluate and manage the impact of these new risks. Our Assessment Services are designed to determine the quality, completeness and maturity of your risk, security and compliance programs and controls

Within our Assessment Services we offer:

  • Penetration Testing: A cost-effective tool to detect, analyze, and make informed decisions by viewing a business as an attacker would, avoiding costly breaches and achieving compliance by revealing risks
  • Social Engineering: Services that test the awareness and response of organizational users
  • Physical Security: Identify areas where real-world intruders could compromise physical barriers such as fences, locks, cameras, proximity readers, cameras, or mantraps
  • Red Team Assessment: Test detection and response to real-world, multi-vector attacks, examine the physical security as well as social engineering, network, and application attacks.
  • Enterprise Application Assessments: Deliver security testing, assessment, and configuration solutions for critical enterprise applications, such as SAP
  • Purple Team Assessment: Test for weaknesses within any environment that has an existing red team and blue team. This insight provides clients with specific solutions for protecting, detecting, and remediating issues.

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