Finding the right cyber skills at the right cost is a fine balancing act. Our team of global security experts is here to help


By 2019, there will be a global shortage of 2 million cybersecurity professionals. And experts believe it will take 20 years to fill that gap. We’re here to help you fill that gap today with our team of global security experts. Our Managed Security Services (MSS) team brings real-life experience to monitoring your systems 24/7. We pull together threat intelligence data from multiple sources and share it with you as actionable intelligence. And our MSS platform provides you with Advanced Analytics, where billions of logs and alerts are turned into meaningful security information.

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Simply, there are too many threats and not enough cybersecurity professionals.  The hackers are highly skilled, well organized and persistent, while organizations are, in the main, under skilled and undermanned in cybersecurity.  Organizations need to urgently review their resourcing options. 

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Bridging the gap – Outsourcing security services 

NTT Security Managed Security Services, and our security experts, can protect your organization against multiple, complex security threats – around the clock – and provide optimized security through unique insight, advanced analytics and applied threat intelligence over and above what can usually be done in-house.  

Choosing NTT Security can mean gaining access to our collective global knowledge and systems as well as our highly-experienced people.  All of which enables you to be proactive and keep one step ahead of the game, rather than simply reacting when something happens. NTT Security can manage the most complex of infrastructures and diverse applications: on-premise, in the cloud or through a hybrid model.

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