How to shine a light on operational technology risk

Are there dark areas of operational technology (OT) within your organisation? Are you unable to establish visibility or certainty that the correct security controls are in place to protect these vital systems? You are not alone.

Join our webinar on Wednesday 22nd May to hear how we work with organisations just like yours to shine a light deep into OT risk – overcoming the security challenges of different protocols within industrial control systems (ICS) and supervisory control and data acquisition systems (SCADA).

Register today to learn: 

  • Why assessing OT risk has traditionally challenged IT and security teams
  • How to understand and map your OT risk landscape within the context of your industry
  • How to generate and implement a practical, prioritised roadmap to reduce risk
  • What skills and capabilities you need to ensure long term OT resilience

Our experienced OT consultants can deliver a full range of operational technology security services to your organisation.  Join the webinar to find out more.

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Webinar: Changing old thinking about OT to manage new risks

Many organisations cannot monitor or detect ICS security events until it is too late.
Register for the webinar on Wednesday 22nd May, to find out more about how NTT Security's range of risk assessment, threat intelligence and OT security services can help you create greater ICS resilience.

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Cybersecurity expertise in utilities

In the face of persistent and growing attempts to breach defences, utility companies are challenged to understand the scale of current risk and determine the best response.

At NTT Security, we offer power and utility companies a broad range of managed security, risk and compliance services. 

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NTT Security in the manufacturing sector

Digital technology is the cornerstone of today's manufacturing processes and the scale and complexity of this digital environment is a growing challenge.

We work with manufacturing organisations to help them get demonstrable cybersecurity safeguards in place.

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Securing operational technology

Critical infrastructure and industrial plant control systems are coming under scrutiny from both attackers and defenders.

What can organisations do to better protect themselves against the threat of a serious breach?

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