Is your organization faced with the challenge of turning threat intelligence data from multiple sources into actionable, contextual information?

It's easy to miss signs when reviewing the vast amounts of data that must be cleansed, crunched and turned into usable intelligence.

Our Global Threat Intelligence Platform (GTIP) has visibility into 40% of global internet traffic and we gather data globally from a wide number of sources including the internet, cloud, managed security services, communities and partners.

A collaboration between our global Security Operations Centers (SOC), our Global Threat Intelligence Centers (GTIC) and our Global Threat Intelligence Platform (GTIP) allows for a complete analysis of information to provide you with market leading security services that are built upon emerging and applied threat intelligence. We’ll ensure that we give this intelligence the right level of context, depending on your industry sector, market and business model.

You can be assured that we will collect data from myriad sources. We will index and process this data, analyze it using human enrichment to remove false positives, and provide you with the contextual information you require for your business as part of our security services.