Advanced Analytics


How can organizations take billions of logs and alerts and turn this barrage of data into action?

At NTT Security, our Advanced Analytics are derived from our industry-leading correlation technology platform-encompassing machine learning, big data and complex event processing.

To continuously detect new and unknown threats requires organizations to aggregate the output of all their individual security devices and analyze this data with an appropriate degree of speed and accuracy. This requires a new approach to analytics – advanced analytics.

Our extensive, early investment in advanced analytics has demonstrated the value of sophisticated machine algorithms based on machine learning. We fine tune this with human enrichment analysis from our team of security experts. These threat hunters provide valuable sources of intelligence including actual observed attacker techniques, tactics and procedures.

To make a difference to our clients, we strive to provide applied incident notification and reporting. It doesn’t matter how clever the technology or analysts are if we can’t deliver informed, real-time insights into the risks that will impact a client’s business. And we can, and do, every day.

Our analytics suite comprises of use cases derived from actual incidents. We also use our knowledge observed from known attacker techniques, tactics, procedures and studies of the exploitation of the internet and private networks.

With several hundred man years of development, our machine learning capability has been guided by data scientists working in conjunction with security experts to develop predictive security models trained with our global internet, honey net and client attack visibility.

Our goal is to mitigate your risks from complex and emerging security threats by detecting them as early in the cyber kill chain as possible.