Web Application Firewall as a Service

Malicious attacks to your system take time and energy to identify and deal with. Unfortified systems often prove unable to distinguish between benign or aggressive traffic and can become overwhelmed by the sheer weight of both. An already busy in-house support team may have no time for truly thorough incident diagnosis, and the hybrid/multi-cloud environment we all operate in today can make bot mitigation and firewall maintenance itself a bewildering task.

Our Web Application Firewall as a Service (WAFaaS) is specifically designed to tackle these problems.

A worldwide managed security service supporting your unique online business requirements, WAFaaS provides a comprehensive solution to the wide range of issues that are part of managing a complex security network.

Features of NTT Web Application Firewall as a Service include:

  • Protection against Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks
  • Content Delivery Network (CDN) and Optimizer services, granting a 40-70% reduction in bandwidth consumption and a 50% acceleration in browsing
  • Load balancing and failover, supporting your application/server availability in hybrid cloud environments
  • Experienced security experts in our Security Operations Centers, supplementing and supporting your own in-house IT team
  • Detailed real-time and historical views of the performance, security, configuration and availability of all the sites, servers and traffic you place under the service’s protection

Supporting Materials

For more information about Web Application Firewall as a Service, take a look at our WAFaaS Data Sheet.

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