Endpoint Security Services

Before networks became the centerpiece of IT, protecting endpoints was what cybersecurity was all about. Now it’s back to the future as CISOs contend with an expanding universe of connected laptops, smartphones, tablets, printers, and IoT devices. As the boundaries of the network become harder and harder to define, attention is turning back to endpoint risks.

Endpoint Security Services (ESS) combines the capabilities of market leading EDR solutions with NTT Threat Intelligence and Advanced Analytics.

Offering support for a growing list of endpoint security products, ESS is available at three levels to suit the requirements of your business:

  • Endpoint Monitoring – Security compliance
  • Endpoint Detection – Security compliance, policy management, Advanced Analytics
  • Endpoint Response – Security compliance, policy management, Advanced Analytics, Remote isolation

Benefits of Endpoint Security Services:

  • Increased speed and accuracy of response from automated tools and human review 
  • Reduced time spent manually reviewing endpoint logs 
  • Reduced downtime resulting from false positives 
  • Improved security posture from recommendations for remediation and security best practice 

Supporting Materials

For more information about our Web Security Services, take a look at the Endpoint Security Services Data Sheet.

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