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Protect Valuable Assets with Intelligence-driven Security

Building cyber intelligence capability is often the final step in the cyber maturity of organizations and there is a wide range of innovative cyber intelligence tools and data sources from which to choose.

We understand that to be effective, threat intelligence must integrate with and inform the other detection, protection, and analysis elements of an IT and cybersecurity infrastructure. We work with you to carefully select, implement, and configure the threat intelligence resources best suited to deliver long-term value and insight for your organization. Whether planning for new efforts or optimizing your existing security and compliance programs, we know through years of experience that success starts with a solid, well thought out plan. Work with us to develop a plan for your success today.

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Managed Security & Technical Consulting

We assess the maturity of individual controls to identify opportunities to supplement missing or misleading information with threat intelligence. In the event of an incident, responders will have better correlation of threat intelligence and be able to make informed decisions that reduce dwell time.

Find Resilience Through the Full Security Life Cycle

Service Categories

Risk Assessments

They say information is power. Our risk assessments give you the power of a detailed understanding of your current risk exposure against global industry best practice. Using this insight, we work with you to prioritize activities – so you can make informed risk decisions and articulate the impact and value of your investments at all levels of the business.

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Advisory Services

In Advisory Services, our consultants help organizations to set strategy, shape culture, and communicate with their executives and board.

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Transformation Services

Our Transformation Services adapt security programs and adopt controls that support new cloud initiatives and SaaS applications, as well as mobile and social initiatives.

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Architecture Services

Security architecture continually evolves and it’s often difficult to identify the gaps in your security infrastructure. A challenge for many organizations is that endpoints and networks are complex and lack the right levels of integration.

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Incident Response and Forensics

NTT Security has immediate response capabilities.  If you are currently experiencing a security incident and need immediate assistance contact your nearest regional office.

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We give you access to relevant and timely performance improvement, deep technology knowledge, and flexible resources to develop an infrastructure that is robust and compliant – but flexible enough to deliver business change.

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Our planning, audit and testing services focus investment and resources, allowing our clients to evolve effective policies, procedures and security controls that reduce risk and meet changing internal and external compliance issues.

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Our Assessment Services are designed to determine the quality, completeness and maturity of your risk, security and compliance programs and controls.

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