When a security incident happens, make the first 24 hours count


When you discover a security incident the clock starts ticking. Are your first 24 hours focused on stopping the incident, identifying the root cause and preventing it from happening again? Or are these vital first hours spent with procurement, setting up contracts to secure the right partner to support you in this critical work? 

To make the first 24 hours really count, NTT Security offers a choice of Incident Response retainer services that ensure highly-skilled Incident Response consultants are ready to support you the minute you need them with all the terms and conditions, SLAs, security clearances and policies in place.

Benefits of NTT Security Incident Response retainer services

  • Immediate planned response
  • Minimise the impact of incidents
  • Control costs
  • Preserve critical evidence
  • Protect your brand
  • Meet risk and compliance goals

Need to talk to an Incident Response expert?

Our experienced Incident Response consultants can deliver a full range of incident response and forensics services to your organisation. 

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Webinar: Planned reactions make a difference

Many organisations have prepared an incident response plan, but don't necessarily have the resources immediately available to start work executing their plan.

Register to watch the on-demand webinar, to find out more about how NTT Security's range of incident response services can help you create a permanently on-call extension to your Incident Response team.

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Choose the right Incident Response services for your business

NTT Security Incident Response retainer services help you minimise the impact and cost of an incident, as well as protecting your valuable data and intelligently adapting to prevent further incidents.

Read the EMEA Incident Response paper to find out more.

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Plan the flight, fly the plan

Do you have everything covered in the event of a cybersecurity incident, and do you have a plan in place?

Read the blog on the effectiveness of prior planning, for incident response and all aspects of security.

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Infographic: Speed and quality of response matter

A proactive incident retainer service can offset the impact and cost of an incident.

See the detailed figures in our infographic.

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