Threat Detection Services

Businesses today are under attack from persistent and sophisticated cyber criminals who are able to bypass traditional security measures.

We provide two services for threat detection, Threat Detection Standard and Threat Detection Enhanced. Both services offer sophisticated threat detection capabilities, 24/7 threat monitoring and comprehensive threat intelligence delivered by the NTT Global Threat Intelligence Center.  In both services, threats are identified and separated from the large number of false positives typically generated by security technologies and a security incident report is sent directly to you.

Benefits of NTT Threat Detection Services

  • Advanced analytics capabilities, including machine learning and threat behavior modeling, enable detection of potential security threats that may evade standard forms of detection
  • SOC security analysts with tailored analyst workbench+
  • Deeper incident investigation and validation through expert analysis with all the information at their fingertips+
  • Event-based threat hunting+
  • Actionable incident notification with recommendations
  • Incident support until resolution is achieved+

+ These services are only available to Threat Detection Enhanced clients.

Supporting Materials

For more information about our Threat Detection services, take a look at our Threat Detection Services Data Sheet.

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