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Protect Valuable Assets with Intelligence-driven Security

Building cyber intelligence capability is often the final step in the cyber maturity of organizations and there is a wide range of innovative cyber intelligence tools and data sources from which to choose.

We understand that to be effective, threat intelligence must integrate with and inform the other detection, protection, and analysis elements of an IT and cybersecurity infrastructure. We work with you to carefully select, implement, and configure the threat intelligence resources best suited to deliver long-term value and insight for your organization. Whether planning for new efforts or optimizing your existing security and compliance programs, we know through years of experience that success starts with a solid, well thought out plan. Work with us to develop a plan for your success today.

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Managed Security & Technical Consulting

We assess the maturity of individual controls to identify opportunities to supplement missing or misleading information with threat intelligence. In the event of an incident, responders will have better correlation of threat intelligence and be able to make informed decisions that reduce dwell time.

Find Resilience Through the Full Security Life Cycle