Global Threat Intelligence Center (GTICs)

The NTT Security Global Threat Intelligence Centers (GTIC) protects, informs and educates NTT Group clients through the following activities:

  • Threat research
  • Vulnerability research
  • Detective technologies development
  • Threat intelligence management
  • Communication to NTT Group clients

The GTICs go above and beyond the traditional pure research organization, by taking its threat and vulnerability research and combining it with its detective technologies development to produce applied threat intelligence. Its mission is to protect and provide NTT Security clients with the services and tools to prevent and provide early warning notifications of risks and threats 24/7.

With centers in Europe, the United States, and Japan its threat research is focused on gaining understanding and insight into the various threat actors, exploit tools and malware – and the techniques, tactics, and procedures (TTP) used by attackers.

Vulnerability research pre-emptively uncovers zero-day vulnerabilities that are likely to become the newest attack vector, while ensuring full understanding of published vulnerabilities. With this knowledge NTT Security’s security monitoring services can more accurately identify malicious activity that is “on-target” to NTT Group client’s infrastructure.

Detective technologies development focuses on how new approaches to discovering attacks (heuristic, big data, complex event processing, and machine-learning analysis) can utilize the developed threat indicators. It also ensures that the existing analytics and capabilities of the current Global Managed Security Services Platform (GMSSP) are fully utilized.

Threat intelligence management is where it all comes together. The GTICs continually monitor the global threat landscape for new and emerging threats using NTT’s global internet infrastructure, clouds, and datacenters along with 3rd-party intelligence feeds; and works to understand, analyze, curate, and enrich those threats using advanced analysis techniques and proprietary tools; and publishes and curates them using the Global Threat Intelligence Platform (GTIP) for the benefit of NTT Group clients.